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Last modified: Wednesday, 13 January, 2021

Wherever we go we almost always take photos, hudreds of them each year! Distilling these down to just the most significant ones is quite a task, and one in which I was always somewhat behind! Here, though, are a few selections from our photo albums:

Cromer 2010 Cromer, 2010 (by Lisa)

Cromer 2010 Cromer (2010) in black & white (by Lisa)

Christmas party, 2009 (by Lisa)

Burwell, July 2005

Nice, March 2004

Paris, July 2002

My birthday, May 2002

PPG Annual Dinner, May 2002

Ireland, April 2000

Paris & Nice, March 2000

Cycle Camping in Rochester & Canterbury, September 1999

At home and abroad, 1998-1999

Our Wedding, October 1996

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