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Last modified: Sunday, 14 August, 2016

* I have been a sporadic journal keeper all my life. I haven't kept a regular journal since the early 1990s but when we go away I usually make a few notes in my Palm Pilot. This, newly inaugurated, section of the site is intended to be a place where I can upload some of these Notes From Our Travels. Hardly prize-winning travel writing but they do shed some light on what we get up to and what our concerns are. In cases where my journaling and Lisa's camera wielding coincide there'll be photos too (indicated by [Camera]).

+ Mid-August 2005 - Camping in Snettisham, West Norfolk coast New!

+ July-August 2005 - Camping in Snettisham & Swaffham Updated!

+ July 2005 - Camping in Burwell [Camera]Updated!

+ March 2004 - Nice [Camera]

+ August 2002 - Camping at Woodlakes

+ August 1999 - Camping in Rochester (under construction) [Camera] New!

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