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Studies in Landscape
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The Latest Additions

"A Passion for Flowers"

"Landscapes at Home & Abroad"

"Buildings, Beaches & Birds"

Studies in Landscape

"Lisa's Return to Painting"

After a break of many years, Lisa was inspired to pick up her brushes again by our visit to Nice in March, 2000 and began to try her hand at watercolour.  She has an impressionistic technique with an affinity for bold colours.  Of course, I'm biased but I think Lisa's paintings have a vibrant immediacy that's highly attractive.  JPEGs can only give a general idea of how the real works appear but I do hope the selections of Lisa's recent output presented on these pages will convey some of what I enjoy so much in her paintings.

The gallery is dived into a number of themed rooms and you can jump straight to any room you want by clicking on its name in the floor-plan which appears on each page.  Alternatively you can take a tour through the entire gallery by following the coloured arrows below the floor-plan.   There are two different tours available: the blue tour starts with the room of Lisa's most recent paintings and runs clockwise through the gallery; whereas the green tour starts with the room of the first few paintings Lisa did on our return from Nice and runs anti-clockwise through the gallery.

If you'd like to comment on or have any questions about any aspect of Lisa's paintings or the online gallery, please do Email us.